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20th April 2020 – Coronavirus / Covid19 updates

Today was the big day – the launch of the new Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme portal for employer reclaims!

We have began submitting claims for our clients, and will continue to do so for those clients for whom we process the payroll. We will be processing this once we have had your information for April’s pay run, and will continue to submit these going forward until the scheme has finished. If anyone has any cash flow problems and has urgent requirements to get the money, then please communicate this to us so we can get your claim processed as soon as possible.

The portal requires mostly information that we already hold, but in submitting your claim we need to give bank details for where the reclaim should be paid, and the address to which this bank account is registered. If you could please send this information over with April’s pay run information, this will speed up the process.

In addition, if you could please let us know if any employee’s status has changed, perhaps you have removed them from furlough, or an employee that was not previously furloughed now is – it is your responsibility to update us on any changes. A link to further information on this portal is detailed below.


The portal opened at 7am and saw claims for 67,000 employees processed within the first half-hour – but it is a case of ‘so far, so good’ and despite high volumes, there have been no technical glitches and it all appears to be running smoothly, with the promise of funds within 6 days of submitting your claim – we will be sure to update you on this once we have seen the evidence.

A few things that have cropped up today from our clients that may be of use to others:

Can I re-employ someone who left employment with me in March?

The answer is, yes. This is, in fact, the government’s solution to helping those workers who missed an RTI submission for their new employer prior to 19th March 2020. If a former employee who left employment with you during March approaches you and asks you to re-employ them to furlough them, you are not obliged to do so, but you can do this at no extra cost to your business, provided you don’t top their wages up and only pay them 80% of their respective wage.

Who will process my claim?

As mentioned above, if we process your payroll, we will do this for you.

What happens to my employees’ holiday they had booked but are now furloughed?

The ultimate decision on this lies with the Employer. You can let them still take the holiday, but it is recommended that to avoid any HR issues, they are paid holiday at 100%, and not 80%. Option two is to let the employee make the decision – ask them if they still want the holiday. Finally, you as the employer can cancel the holiday to avoid having to top the wage up, provided you give them at least the same amount of notice as the period of holiday itself – i.e 1 week for 1 weeks of holiday.

If anyone has any further queries surrounding the Job Retention Scheme, furloughed employees, or anything in general that we could do to help your business at this difficult time, please do not hesitate to contact us.