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31st March 2020 – Daily Coronavirus / Covid19 updates

The last update of the month and this is a quiet one. There have been no new updates as to when the portal will be opening to claim the Job Retention Grants for furloughed employees, and this seems to be one of the more commonly asked questions by our clients at present. As soon as this is up and running, we will be in touch with those clients who we process the payroll for and have furloughed some of their staff, in order to collate any further information we may need to facilitate this claim.

Annual Leave and Furloughed Employees

We have received numerous queries surrounding the annual leave entitlements of furloughed workers. Many of our clients are concerned that staff will have an entire year’s worth of holiday to take in a short space of time once the business is back to normal. It is true that employees accrue holiday whilst on furlough, but the government introduced last Friday a scheme by which employees can carry forward annual leave not taken from this year for two years going forward. This should hopefully help relieve some pressure on businesses looking to recover after the downtime whilst in lockdown.

10k Business Rates Grants

Good news for any of our clients falling under Maidstone Borough Council who are eligible for any of the rates-based grants – they have been contacting people today via email, so if you qualify for one of these grants and your Local Authority is Maidstone Borough Council, expect to hear from them soon. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on the following link https://my.maidstone.gov.uk/service/10K_Business_Rates_Grant.

Medway Council has also said they will be contacting people within the next few days, but to speed up this process you can apply online using the following link https://www.medway.gov.uk/xfp/form/305.

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council don’t have a link on their website, but they have been contacting people, so if you fall under their jurisdiction and you qualify, you should hear from them soon.

If you need any help with these forms please call.

Increase in Contactless Limit

It has been announced today that from tomorrow, the contactless spend limit on contactless bank cards will be increased from £30 to £45. Despite this being a possibility, it may take a period of time before all vendors are able to offer this, as this will require software updates to card machines and till systems, but this will begin to be rolled out from tomorrow, hopefully contributing in reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Job Retention scheme

The most commonly asked questions at present seem to be surrounding the job retention scheme, so here is a link to the official guidance surrounding the scheme, detailing who is eligible, how pay is calculated, how to reclaim and many more details.