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3rd April 2020 – Daily Coronavirus / Covid19 updates

The Frequency of these updates is changing.

As the government’s announcements slow down so does the content of these updates we will, therefore, be scaling back the frequency of these updates. We will still update you when there is some real news or helpful advice but not necessarily every day.

If something changes or we receive any news you need to know we will issue an update.

In the meantime please feel to contact us with any questions you may have.

3rd April 2020

Business Interruption Loans,

Some further detail was released today on the Business Interruption Loans, and it will be good news for many of our clients – the government have now banned loan providers from asking for personal guarantees on loans under £250k under the Business Interruption Scheme, and therefore pass on the government-backed 80% guarantee instead.

Many business owners were wary of personally guaranteeing loans given the uncertainty in the economy at the minute, so this should enable more businesses to secure the funding they need to see them through the lockdown. Link to the article is below.


We have received feedback from clients looking for a loan that their bank mangers have changed their tune literally overnight. So a small victory here.

SSP reclaim for COVID-19 related absence

New online guidance has today been released surrounding the SSP reclaim for COVID-19 related absence.

The service is not yet up and running to process these reclaims, but HMRC is working on this. Aside from the information already released, stating that employers can reclaim up to 14 days of SSP for any employee either suffering from coronavirus, or self-isolating at home, the following additional information has been added:

  • The scheme is open to any UK company that had a PAYE scheme set up and fewer than 250 employees on 28 February
  • The scheme will be open until further notice
  • The records that must be kept for at least 3 years after the claim are as follows:
    • The reason why the employee was absent
    • Details of when the employee could not work (from and to dates)
    • Details of the qualifying days the employee could not work
    • NI numbers of all employees who you have paid SSP to


Rishi Sunak has been hosting his #askRishi today on Twitter, and the issue of people starting new jobs in March was brought up. Unfortunately, there is no movement on the rules surrounding furloughing, and 28th February 2020 is still being used as the cut off point, however, he did offer up the opportunity of contacting your previous employer and asking them to take you back on and furlough you until this is over.

This is all well and good if you left on good terms, however many employers’ noses are often put out of joint by employees leaving and this may not be an option for many. There is plenty of pressure still being put on, so feel free to tweet @RishiSunak if this affects you.

Some Business Owners are not being supported.

Directors who pay themselves a small salary and the rest via dividends are only entitled to 80% of their PAYE salary which for some is just not enough to get them through.

These same business owners who have not got business premises are not entitled to any of the Grants either.

There is growing anger from these business owners who feel left out of any rescue plan.

There is actually a petition with 263,000 signatures to treat these business owners in the same way as the Self Employed – https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-small-ltd-company-directors-to-get-government-support-like-the-employed-and-self-employed