When you start out in business you need to get your name out there and find customers.

Before you do that, you are going to need to get the basics:

  1. A good business name
  2. A logo
  3. A website
  4. Social Media Pages – (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  5. A telephone number (not just a mobile)

Once you have this in place, you can set about actively marketing your business.

Word of Mouth

A new business is a bit like having a new baby, apart from the sleepless nights, people will wish you well in your endeavour and help you to find work.  So, tell your friends and family what you are up to and you will get work.

Keep word of mouth going by asking any customers for referrals.

Social Media

Social media is accessible for any business for free, so to not have a presence is criminal! Get a business page on Facebook and start posting – ask your friends and family to follow you and repost your content.

Join groups where your customers are chatting and get involved. Be careful as this can waste time but spend at least an hour a day on this while you are not busy.

Be Google Friendly

Google is still the western world’s largest search engine, so it’s important to make your website Google friendly and submit it to Google listings. Start a ‘Google My Business’ page and ask your customers for reviews.

Find out what your customers are searching for by using a keyword tool and then optimise your website for these terms. For example, we are interested in anyone searching Accountants in Rochester. So, we make sure this is mentioned in our page titles and on our home page.

The power of YouTube

YouTube is owned by Google, so video is a good form of content to help people find you and your business. If you are comfortable making videos for your website, upload them to google.


If you know where your customers are then advertising to them is a good option, but if you do not, it can be a huge waste of time. Avoid advertising if you cannot be specific.

Email Marketing

It is still possible to buy email lists of people who have opted in and email them – this is a high volume, low return marketing tactic but it may work for you.

Better than this is to create something your potential clients might like, such as a guide or advice and ask for their email address in return – you can then email the content and then keep them updated.

Marketing does not have to be expensive you can do it relatively cheaply, but it needs some planning, a lot of time and some creative content.