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Small business news roundup- 15th January 2021


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Past Covid-19 infection may provide ‘months of immunity’

Studies suggest that people who have had COVID are protected from catching the virus for at least five months.

Aid experts are warning that those who have had the virus still need to follow the lockdown rules. This is great news and a better outcome than experts thought.

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Quarter of a million small businesses set to fold without more Covid help

Report suggests 5% of small businesses feel that they will go out of business if the Government do not provide more financial support.

The Federation of Small Businesses have announced that the Government need to focus on more than just the retail, hospitality and leisure sector. Mr Cherry stated there is no help for the newly self-employed and those who do not use commercial premises.

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Insurers must pay small firms for Covid lockdown losses

Some good news is finally here for small businesses as “Tens of thousands of small businesses are set to receive insurance pay-outs covering losses in the first national lockdown following a court ruling.”

This is a lifeline for many small businesses, enabling them to continue to trade after the COVID crisis and providing them with hope for the future and their businesses.

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UK economy shrank by 2.6% in November as services suffered

With the second lockdown taking place in November the economy shrank by 2.6%. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said that “things will get harder before they can get better”.

However, with the new vaccine roll-out underway and support schemes from the Government, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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