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Small business news roundup-30th April 2021

150 UK small business grants to apply for right now – UPDATED

 Are you a small business in need of some funding?

  1. The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme

Under the Youth Can Do It scheme, The Prince’s Trust is working with 18-30-year-olds to help them develop their businesses. The programme is divided into four sections: Info session, Workshop, Build your business, Launch. There is no ‘business grant’ as such available, but you can secure funding through the programme.

  1. Government apprenticeships

The Government website has lots of information about apprenticeships, as well as how to register and use the apprenticeship service.

  1. Innovate UK Smart Grants programme

Innovate UK Smart Grants helps organisations to deliver ambitious R&D innovations that can have significant potential for impact on the UK economy.

The current round of funding is open until 26 May 2021.

4. Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

Gigabit vouchers can be used by small businesses to go towards the cost of installing gigabit-capable broadband connections. SMEs can claim £3,500 against the cost of connection. Find out if you are eligible by using the postcode checker on the website.

  1. Other Innovate UK funding opportunities

Innovate UK runs a host of other competitions in more niche areas. These include:

  • SBRI competition: Improving hip fracture outcomes using data, phase 1
  • Commercialising Quantum Technologies: Feasibility studies round 2
  • ISCF TFI: large collaborative R&D projects
  • SBRI: Improving multimorbidity acute care using data analytics, phase 1
  • Eureka Eurostars 2: round 15
  • ATF: moving the UK automotive sector to zero emissions
  • Knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP): 2020 to 2021, round 5
  • African agriculture knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP): 2020 to 2021, round 5

Here are the top five grants you can apply for.

For the full list of grants available to you, click here.

Shopping trips set to fuel economic rebound

With the lockdown over and more restrictions easing, popping to the shops is becoming more of a pastime again.

The EY Item Club said the economy had “proven to be more resilient than seemed possible”.

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Small firms lost millions of pounds on unexpected contract renewals in 2020

Research shows that many businesses lost a huge sum of money due to the auto-renewals on their contract services.

Most companies provide a reminder when a contract is due to be auto renewed, allowing you to pause or continue with the service.  However, this was not the case for many small businesses in 2020, who did not receive any communication with the services.

Reports suggest some businesses do not state they are in a rolling contract, so are unaware of the costs when due.

We advise all business owners to check all their services and subscriptions to make sure they aren’t in a rolling contract that could be costing you thousands.

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UK heading for biggest economic boom since 1948 – Barclays chief

With the Covid restrictions easing and the vaccination programme growing, everyone is going out and spending money.

Jes Staley states “So we see – just like you’re starting to see in the US as well – quite a robust economic recovery in 2021,” Staley said. “We think that will carry through into 2022.”

Reports suggest the first quarter results have showed some promising results, with the vaccine programme being the key to success.

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